Take Me to Dec. 31, 2017

The clock is slowly ticking its mesmerizing sound. Tick-tockTick-tock. The work day is coming to an end and I have a few moments to myself. My mind begins to wander. My imagination turns on. I find myself boarding on a luxurious cotton ball considered to be Cloud 9. With myself as the pilot I float higher into the stratosphere and head towards December 31, 2017. 

Flashes of purples, blues, and pinks beam past me on this fluff called Cloud 9. Suddenly I find myself standing in the doorway of my office. I see my future self sitting at my white writing desk contemplating my 2018 New Years resolutions. With a pen gently tapping my lips and chin in my hand, I know I am making a tough decision on which goals I will commit to the 2018 year.

I glance outside to view the sun setting behind the tree line in the far distance. My future self begins to speak outloud of the trials and triumphs of 2017. Each day that led to a success, a mistake, or a failure; and the lessons I have learned from each move carefully chosen on the chess board of the 2017 year. 

I walk closer to my desk and view a personalized checklist. I checked off complete draft of novel. To my amusement, I additionally see bold checkmarks next to attend Book Expo in NYC and attend a writing conference.

My future self begins to pace the office floor back and forth. Knowing myself quite well I sat on my grey couch and observed her thinking process. Outloud she spoke of how the competition is high and how she heard story pitches and received advice from those who have been successful. Questions were asked, notes were taken, and follow up has been made. After minutes of going back and forth, my future self sat down once more. Her posture had changed and she illuminated confidence. She inhaled a deep breath and began to write down some points on a new 2018 checklist. 

Moments later, I see myself writing the last item on the checklist for the 2018 Resolutions list: Find a Publisher.

Content with what I have accomplished, I exit my office with a warm grin.  Flashes of light surround me on Cloud 9 as I return to the present day. I quickly find myself back at work at my desk wondering what will 2017 bring me. 

Without a worry in my mind, I know 2017 will bring me happiness and a novel. 


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