Daily Meditation 

Often times we get lost in our daily routine and forget to get back to a balanced mindset. I recommend you to meditate before you enter work, during your lunch break, and after work before you head home. 

Spend 3-5 minutes on yourself to allow yourself to re-energize for your busy schedule.


1. Inhale and try to not think of anything. Silence is the key. Tune into your surroundings or listen to a nature soundscape.

Exhale and forget about the busy sounds that surround you.

2. Inhale and menatally prepare for the next task of the day.

Exhale the frustrations from the day before. Its a new day therefore a new start.

3. Inhale and think positive thoughts on how to reach your next goals. 

Exhale and mentally burn all the negative thoughts you have had about not acheiving your goals.

4. Inhale and mentally recite a motivational quote that can help you to keep on task.

Exhale the negative comments you have heard others say about you or the words you have called yourself in disapproval.

5. Inhale and become happy that you accomplished a healthy mediation for yourself. 

Exhale and get ready to take on the next few hours with organization and time management skills. 

Best wishes and have hope 💕


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