An Innovative Man

Thomas Jefferson was more than a president during the United States’ early years. He was a lawyer, scientist, farmer, and philospoher.

He still remains a man of mystery today, however America and myself commemorate him with accomplishing many challenges during his time. He wrote the Declaration of Independence, used his political power to purchase Louisiana from France, and was the founder of the University of Virginia. 

Both his political life and his personal life has been throughly researched and he will always be an interesting figure in history. 

I have an affinity towards Jefferson for he too loved to read and continue to learn new subjects throughout his life. He was a scientist and an inventor to help him advance in his agricultural life. His ideals and love for French culture have inspired me to learn more about this man of mystery. 

I hope to continue to research this man and write a book of my own.  I will start by visiting Washington DC and spending time in the Library of Congress to be influenced by the history that will surround me as I write on my laptop. 
For more information please refer to this link below:

Thomas Jefferson


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