Lake Lydon B. Johnson, Texas

southernvacation 121 copy

Cool bright big blue sky

Happiness overflows me

Freedom in the air

southernvacation 120 copy

Nature is serene

Green healthy trees and a view

Family bonding 

southernvacation 126 copy

A welcoming sign 

Reminds you of southern roots

Drive up long driveway

southernvacation 127 copy

A big house greets us

Everything big in Texas 

A home away from home

southernvacation 125 copy

Natural arid land 

Green cactus and shrubbery 

Exploring the grounds

southernvacation 146 copy

An adventure starts

A secret swinging tree rope 

Courage to jump in

southernvacation 187 copy

Shade of tree welcomed

Cool down from hot blazing sun 

Enjoy a cool drink 

southernvacation 171 copy

Remember the land

Remember the emotions 

Remember Texas 


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