Cupid and Psyche Retold Story 

Over the past week I have been listening to the audiobook, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. 

It is the retold mythological story of Cupid and Psyche by the older sister Orual. 

Psyche is the youngest and most beautiful of three sisters. Orual is the oldest and ugliest. She has a deformity and must love her life behind a veil. The only thing that made Orual happy was Psyche. She only wanted to care for her and protect her. An oracle from the Gods made the King sacrifice Psyche to marry a monster to save his kingdom from chaos and famine. When Orual heard this she went ill and could not protect her youngest sister. Psyche was sacrificed and she could do nothing about it. 

When Orual had gained her strength back she set on a journey to bury her sisters remains. When she walked passed the mountain she found her sister all well and happily married. Psyche told her of her happiness by Orual pointed out that her husband may truly be a monster and must see his face at night. 

Orual has written the story to prove it was not her jealousy that convinced Psyche to light a lantern to see the face of Cupid. The trust that was shattered between Cupid and Psyche caused chaos to their relationship.  Cupid left Psyche in a terrible manner and it was Cupid’s warning that made Orual go on a moral journey in hopes to see Psyche once more. 

The events in which Orual had faced shows that her strength lies with her morals and her loyalty towards those that she loves. I found that this novel was pure genius. I have always been a fan of Greek mythology and found that this retold story pieced everything together. Trust, beauty, and love are all talked about and reign over the lives of the two sisters who would do anything to keep the other sister happy whether together or apart. Their bond is beautiful and I highly recommend reading this novel. 
I rate this novel 5/5 due to it being a well written story.


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