A Majestic Christmas Gift

  As the sun says goodbye to the world
With the last rays over the horizon
In shades of warm and bright
Oranges, pinks, and reds

The full moon prepares for her debut
In the dark navy blue sky
To act as a large theatrical spotlight
To brighten the Decemeber empyrean

Once a month she greets us
With her majestic moonlight
Allowing all to observe her beauty

From high above she looks down
And wonders how many humans
Apprecaite her polished elegance

For tonight she glows very bright
To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

She has noticed that the year 2015
Was filled with horrible events
And has decided to make this
Christmas extra special to
Alleviate pain and ensure optimism

Shine bright like the Christmas star
That once guided all who seek
To worship the infant Jesus Christ
That cold December night

Her cosmic luminous nature
Will perhaps inspire and commence
The magic of Christmas

She will illuminate
All during Christmas Day
For she wants to give
Hope and peace
As her Christmas gift to all

Adore her allurement
With gratitude and respect
For she won’t appear again
Until 2034!


Wishing you and your family
Joy for the season
The gift of faith
The blessing of hope
And the peace of His love
At Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas!



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