I simply remember my favorite things…

Within my Passion Planner I read this week’s wise words. The challenge being that I had to make a list of small things that I enjoy doing. 

A list of my favorite things:

  1. Drinking green tea in the morning. Wrapping my hands around a warm cup gives me a feeling of comfort. 
  2. Eating breakfast. The best meal of the day gives me a great start to my day. 
  3. Reading a book. A book allows me to escape and travel to a new place.
  4. Writing a blog post. I feel that I can write my thoughts and give hope to others.
  5. Staying positive. Allows me to live a happier life.
  6. Walking my dog. I enjoy my dog prancing around in the leaves and when she concentrates on tracking a scent.
  7. Snuggling with my dog. She sighs with comfort. When she looks into my eyes I know she is expressing her love.
  8. Going to the library. A trip to the library is my sense of adventure. New books to read or new movies to watch. 
  9. Traveling to new places. I love to see architecture, experience new cultures, and local food.
  10. Taking photos. Using my phone or digital camera I try to have a photographers eye on scenery and capturing special moments.
  11. Driving around in my boyfriends truck. His truck is just that comfortable!
  12. Watching romantic comedies. I like to get in touch with my emotions once in a while.
  13. Painting and designing my nails with gems and nail stamps. I express my creativity every week with a new design.
  14. Going to Zumba classes. An amazing way to incorporate my love for dance and gym motivation.
  15. Learning new facts from either the Discovery or History channel. I like to enhance my knowledge and share fun facts. 

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