Grand Ferry Park, Brooklyn

Take Me There Tuesday ft. Grand Ferry Park in the form of a sestina poem. 

A stroll to the East River.

A view of the Williamsburg Bridge.

It’s architectural symmetry makes me smile. 

A piano concert where I start to walk.

People play to create cheerful music.

The skyline hears and is not blue.  

The sun shines in a sky so blue.

Ferry boats produce waves in the East River.

A child plays dissonant music.

Further east I view the Brooklyn Bridge.

I recall a memorable autumn walk

Over the gothic pathway, a forever smile. 

The skyline always makes me smile

Even when I feel sad and blue.

Adventure whispers softly, I start to walk.

I observe the shore of the East River.

Cars drive over the bridge.

A new person plays classical music.
Playful sounds of peaceful music.

Another memory to make me smile.

Pondering all who worked on the bridge.

Their sacrifices made leave me blue.

Four bridges cross the East River. 

How many steps to walk?  

  I leave to start a new walk.

Ears listen to the sounds of music.

Others join the view of the East River.

People pass with a courteous smile.

Mural art pops with colors of blue.

More life surrounds the bridge. 

New modern look around the bridge.

Tall condos surround the sidewalk.

The sky peeks through showing snippets of blue.

New sounds arise as restaurants play music.

A new face to greet with a smile.

The music fades by the bridge.

This walk ends with a smile.

Goodbye blue sky and East River.   



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