A Memorable December


When I changed my desk calendar to December, I couldn’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I had several flashbacks of memorable events that has occurred throughout the year. I went over my success and my failures. I carefully thought about how I obtained my goals. Perception has allowed me to conclude that there was one thing that I was lacking. I have not pushed myself to go to the gym. It bothers me significantly because it was one of my many New Year’s Resolutions.

In all honesty, going to the gym is a simple task. The effort to get yourself to the gym is the most difficult step. After a long day of work, I let my fatigue take over and persuade my mind to skip the gym. I did this for months and as I look back I realize I was only sabotaging myself. My fatigue and laziness caused me to become disorganized and out of routine. I have lost motivation to complete tasks for the day.

Undeniably, I have made the decision to finish 2015 on a positive note and get back to the gym. As you all know November was my month to focus on getting me to write once again. This month’s motivation has led me to focus on getting back into fitness.

Although it has only been the second consecutive day at the gym, I feel like I have more energy. The aches and pains I feel in my muscles makes me happy to know that my body is gaining back the strength it has lost over the past six months. I am setting myself small goals for the week to help them to be attainable. This week’s goal is to build up my endurance by attending gym classes every day. This goal is forcing myself to be motivated and to get my muscle memory back.

Today, I was inspired by two people at the gym. One was a 70 year old man and the other the Zumba instructor. The man entered the Zumba gym class with a black jumpsuit and towel around his neck. He had big smile on his face and was determined to dance the hour away. Instantly, I couldn’t help but smile back. While I was stretching, I observed his camaraderie as he spoke to several ladies in the class, which further led me to believe that he comes to the gym quite often to know people’s names. I thought to myself, I am no longer making excuses I will get to the gym at least 3x a week. If this strong 70 year old man can do this, so could I!

Holly, the Zumba instructor for my gym on Wednesdays, bravely stated that she will be undergoing surgery for cancer next week. She was sad to tell us she didn’t know when she would return because it takes at least 6 weeks to recover. She spoke of how cancer does not discriminate against age, gender, or color. It just happens and you have to confront it with a positive attitude in which you will survive and come back stronger than ever. She stated that although she is a fitness instructor, her healthy habits and active lifestyle has allowed her to recognize that her body wasn’t right. Two doctors had misdiagnosed her and she challenged them and had found out that she had relapsed and had cancer once again. Her fear of cancer was triumphed by her optimism that she will return in late January ready to dance with us once more. As she cried I knew she was passionate about her profession. At the end of class I gave her my prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Two people and one Zumba class has left me motivated to kick my body into gear for a healthy lifestyle. It is not supposed to be an easy journey, but rather a slow development throughout my life.

Wish me luck!



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