November Nostalgia

I remember the day when I was picked from the vine with pride.

She squealed with excitement, gave me a warm hug, and proved her happiness was nothing to hide.

I was carefully placed into the rickety red wagon and pulled to the weighing station.

Here I got a last glance of my home and was ready to leave for vacation.

A long drive in a metallic orange truck we rode all the way home.

Little did I know other pumpkins were waiting on the balcony as I joined the look of monochrome.

As the days gone by I sat on the balcony embracing the fall season air.

Each morning and before night she would pull back the blinds to give me a smile to show her tender love and care.

After Halloween she decided to let me stay outside to celebrate the continuing fall season.

I couldn’t agree more and give her more reason.

I have seen the weather change from warm to cold. 

I have watched the gust of winds and rain take down the leaves and increase the population on the ground by tenfold.

The trees are bare all around.

The constant chill and frost bite had made me realize I must remove my crown. 

Goodbye to the season where the pumpkin flavor reigns.

The dominant fresh peppermint flavor is here and I must abstain.

I have to wait a whole year and have to retire.

I long for days where I will once be admired. 

Arvior my friends for this is the end of my rhyme.

I look forward to seeing you all next time. 


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