Chivalrous Chicago

Take Me There Tuesday featuring Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Fire is a drama about  firehouse 51. It started in the fall of 2012 with a pilot episode that captured my attention within the first 10 minutes. The cast had great personal and professional stories. Viewers were caught up in the drama of who was dating who or questioning who would be injuries at the scene of a rescue. 

Many civilians are oblivious to the fact that the firefighters do more than saving people from fires. This show enlightens how firefighters and emergency medical technicians work together to save people from accidents and serious dilemmas. 

This drama can be started at any season. However, a viewer may be confused to certain references that can be made which relate to precious episodes or seasons. The producer, Dick Wolf, is highly acclaimed successful man who played a large part in Law and Order dramas. He is know producer for Chicago spin offs, Chicago PD and Chicago Med! Creators Michael Brandt and Derek Haas keeps the storyline new and fresh by allowing new characters to be introduced after an original character leaves the show.

An award for Top Television Series has been given in 2013.

I am very attached to Gabriella Dawson’s story. She starts off as an EMT with a love interest for Lieutenant Matt Casey. Throughout the seasons the two go back and forth with being together. It keeps the audience involved. Additionally, the other characters are becoming more known to viewers and I am enjoying it very much.

Overall I am disappointed that two of the original characters had left the show. However, I do appreciate the new hats tees who have replaced them to allow for more seasons to be created. 

To appreciate my love for the Chicago trilogy, I write a list of things to do when you visit the Windy City.

1. Walk down the Magnificent Mile, a specific section of Michigan Abe, and observe the various architecture, walk into shops, and view the Chicago River below. 

2. Be brave to sightsee the Skydeck at Willis Tower where you can oversee the city below at its natural height.

3. Visit Millennium Park to view”The Bean”.

4. Walk along the foot bridge to the Art Institute of Chicago. Take a glance towards the buildings to view the Chicago skyline. a deep dish pizza at Giordano’s Italian restaurant and pizzeria near the Loop.

6. Enjoy the carnival at Navy Pier and the view of Lake Michigan.


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