Mourning Thoughts over Green Tea


Mindful Monday

A short poem on my thoughts about all the horrific events that occurred in several countries over the world.

High magnitude earthquakes struck Japan, Chile, and Mexico. Malaysia had a flood.

Bombs went off at a mosque in Yemen, while Lebanon and France was under attack from terrorists.

Although there is more media coverage on France, there is more that is going on in our world and needs our attention just as much as Paris.


Every weekday morning the sun rises and shines a happy hello.


I turn on my Keurig to make a hot cup of green tea to help initiate my blood to flow.

This Monday is different from any other Monday because I am somber and blue.

The current events have left me frighten for what is yet to come, wouldn’t you agree too?

News articles are constantly being updated every minute and every hour. After reading and reading, I feel like the good side has lost power.

Government leaders are all up in arms ready to fight, while I am here fighting tears with all my might.

To view videos of people articulating words of hate, it should make government plans for revenge activate.

The world is full of chaos and fear, words are spoken by reporters about every detail that is important to hear.

What will happen in the months that draw near, will the retaliation overseas be severe?

With all these thoughts that run through my head, I say a morning prayer and hope that faith is strengthened around the world and a prayer for peace is widespread.

Pray for the World.



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