Dear Veterans

Dear Veterans,

First and foremost I want to thank you for serving the United States of America. Whether it be serving from the homefront to overseas, I know that your journey is not easy. I commend your efforts to make this country safe at all times.

I know that I will never understand all of your experiences while being in the military, but I do know that the military training camps are made to break you down to make you a stronger person. Not everything you learn at training camp prepares you for what you will face while performing your duty. The mental and physical strength you must have to endure such training is far above my apprehension.

The military can either be a good or a bad experience. It can be a positive outcome where you are able to find a job and to secure your family, or it could be the complete opposite. I have heard stories of both experiences. I hear that many are looking forward to completing their contracts, while others sign up for a new one. The will power to be away from family and friends perplexes me.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for those who serve in the military. I cry every time when I see a movie about war and when I see a homecoming video online. When a military man or woman embraces their loved ones I feel relieved and thankful that they made it home safely. Furthermore, I am delighted when I see people sending care packages overseas with cards of encouragement.

When veterans become civilians, I know that it can be a hard adjustment. You are used to having orders and making quick decisions where you have an idea of what will happen next. However, when you come home everything is up in the air. It is no argument that your mind needs to try to move on from your past and focus on your future. It is not an easy task and I hope our goverment is giving you all of the proper resources to make that adjustment.

It saddens me when I see veterans unemployed and homeless. It makes me feel like I am not doing enough. It is the duty of the civilians to vote for the ethical political representatives to use their power to make your lives easier. It isn’t fair that you only get recognized by sporting news networks during games and holidays and on two days out of the calendar year, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Our news channels should be recognizing you all more often to make the civilians aware that there are still issues to be resolved.

Today of all days, I hope you receive a proper acknowledgement and respect from the civilians around you. May God Bless you all.


The Caring Soldier



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