Broadway and Bryant Park in NYC


The train ride to New York City brings both excitement and patience. Although you want the express train to Penn Station, you have no control as to when the train stops to allow passengers to get on and off. As time flies by you distract yourself with how you are going to get around the city. Will you walk, subway, or take a taxi?

The hustle and bustle of NYC can be a lot to handle for any tourist. But if you are a native, you know to keep walking fast. If you are going to stop to look at your surroundings, go to the side of a building and glance around. Often I stop on the side of the building to make sure my map is pointing me in the right direction or I just do it to enjoy the sights of the tall buildings from the concrete jungle.

This past weekend I had an adventure to Bryant Park, which is located behind the New York Public Library. In the air there was a feeling of the Christmas. The iceskating ring had a long line of people waiting to skate for free on the newly pressed ice. The holiday shops are all set up with consumers going in and out of each one to find the best deal. Parents were able to sit in a small cafe area to enjoy a hot drink and some food as they watched their child ride on the carousel.

After wandering around Bryant Park and purchasing a gift for myself, I decided to have a look at the beautiful white building of the New York Public Library. I wanted to glance at old books and feel the history of this establishment.

After observing several study rooms, a showcase on women in printing, and private rooms with limited access, I found out the library was under renovation and there were no books on display or that could be checked out. The available ones were across the street. Feeling defeated, I ate dinner at Mexicue and had delicious beef tacos as well as a yummy margarita.

Ready to embrace my excitement to see Les Misérables on Broadway, I walked with a pep in my step towards Times Square. As I waited in line, I had to take a picture of the marquee. Once inside the golden doors, I walked to my seat and prepared myself to be taken back in time to Paris during the 1800s.

This play is an outstanding musical that follows a man named Jean Valjean from when he was released as a prisoner to becoming a guardian of a little girl Cosette. His life is on constant look out for he broke parol and the guard Javert wants to make him a prisoner once more. As the decades pass by, the French are resistant against the government. A huge barricade is made to resist the French army. The love story between Cosette and Marius is sweet, but to me the transformation of Valjean is more important. He makes himself a better man and you can feel his emotions throughout the entire musical. I highly recommend this play if you want to see a classic Broadway musical. It is full of passion and forgiveness.


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