New Beginnings



I finally graduated with  a Master’s degree and traveled to Europe for a month {more details to come}! Upon arrival back to the U.S.A., I started my new job and had to move to a new town! Finally after several months, I have settled in to my new life and can return to the hobbies that make me happy, which include my weekly blogs.


The new town in which I now reside has a resourceful library that I plan to go to often. After attending a seminar about photography on Monday, I have been inspired to start up my blog after many months absence. The class reminded me of how I used to love photography and how I have not made any time in my schedule to do any of my hobbies, with the exception of reading. I have joined a local book club and its amazing {more details to come}.

This seminar prompted me to create a list that night with the hobbies that mean the most to me. The list included blogging and how I wanted to start it up again. Blogging gives me a feeling of reaching out to an online community where I feel I can share my thoughts freely with those that may have the same hobbies as myself.

New Beginnings:

This blog is about reinventing myself to reach my personal goals of life and my hope to inspire others to do the same. I also believe in living a positive lifestyle, where you leave negativity behind as much as you can. I understand you cannot control everything in your life, but you do get to choose who influences your life in a positive and negative way. Also you are in charge of yourself and you can make positive changes to your life to make yourself happier.

I decided that in order to reinvent this blog I have to really put the time and effort into posting often. I know that this blog does not stand out among any other blog, however I do hope to inspire just a few people each time.

I realized that when you set attainable goals, it gives you more confidence as well as making you feel like you accomplished something. By accomplishing something it makes you want to attain more goals and the checklist keeps going to push you forward in life. -AF

Stay tuned for more posts. I am excited for my new beginnings and hope you are too!


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