SMART Goal Setting

As of January 1st, I told myself I will give myself three months to complete my Master’s degree. With great organizational and time management skills, this past February month I have been working diligently on my thesis writing and PowerPoint slides for my final thesis presentation. I have been checking off items on my list and have been meeting my deadlines. Thankfully, my timeline is working out just fine and I look forward to finishing at the end of March.

In order to make SMART goal decisions, I had set small goals each week and stuck to them.

Here is how you can make SMART goal decisions:


Each week I had a specific section to work on for my thesis (Specific). I gave myself three days maximum to finish a section with writing and corrections (Measurable; Attainable). I would stay up late if needed to reach my personal deadlines(Results-Focused; Time-Focused). I won’t sugar coat it, but it was a struggle to reach deadlines and I was sleep deprived often. However, printing out the final copies and handing them to my faculty members on my committee was a rewarding feeling. I treated myself with a night off of studying and a large shopping spree.

Believe me, I bought some cute stuff for my trip to Europe! 🙂

Don’t forget:

Goal + Reward = Accomplishment

Good luck!


One comment

  1. I’m a big fan of ‘SMART’ goals. When I first was told about smart goals, the ‘R’ stood for revise-able. There are certain times when goals should be revised. But, I really can see the value in result-focused goals.


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