Be Happy

Everyday there is a mental checklist of things we must accomplish that day. It’s a constant addition or elimination of items. I know I feel overwhelmed when I have too many thoughts running through my head. Although I write it all down to relieve the constant running of lists in my head, I still feel like there are some days I am not able to finish my list. The issue of anxiety kicks in and I start to worry about completing my tasks the next day on top of the ones that are made for that day. Thinking about all these lists, shouldn’t one of the items be HAPPY?

Often we get caught up in our daily lives and just continue to check off our to-do lists. But shouldn’t there be time of reflection to check your level of happiness?

I know I often get caught up in what I need to get done everyday, but I do set time each day to realize where I am on my happiness scale. There are days where I am a low 1, but than there are days where I am a 5.

Stressful days and bad moods give me a rating of 1. However on days where I feel accomplished or had a great conversation with a new person, I rate myself a 5.

I think it is important to see where you are on you happiness scale because YOU have the choice to change it. If you do not like something or someone, YOU can choose to change the situation to make it more pleasurable.

I had made a vow this year to get rid of negative people. With this being said, I had to end many relationships with people I talk to. Yes it was a difficult decision, but I can tell you one positive thing…I AM HAPPY. I am no longer being brought down by that person’s negativity. Not only is it a relief, I have less stress. I am not getting as sick as much AND I am not having mini chest pains.

Challenge yourself each day to see where you lie on your happiness scale. End the negative obstacles and make positive changes.

Enjoy the sunset or do some activity that makes you happy. Believe me you will appreciate your life more.


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