Challenge Yourself To Something New!

Recently, I have found myself at a turning point in the road of my life. I have the choice to stay comfortable or to challenge myself to do something different.

I am specifically talking about my current relationship that isn’t a relationship. In fact, I am in the casual dating scene phase of my life. I date here and I date there never really having that true connection with that other person because they have never been ready for it. Although I have been comfortable for the past four years going on five in august, I am now challenging myself to be given more respect from someone who takes me seriously and truly appreciates me.

At my age, my friends are starting to get engaged and married. Some even have babies. I have nothing but love and respect for them; and I am truly happy for each one of them, however I start to wonder how come not one guy is taking me seriously. I have thought about it and have come to the conclusion that it is because I let them treat me the way I have been used to for the past four years. I have never really spoken up about becoming serious. However if I do bring it up, its always occurs towards the end when I know it is not working out. After hearing their answer, it always leads to them not wanting a relationship and confirms my decision to move on.

Having this deep thought has made me realize that I am willing to be vulnerable and to choose a less comfortable direction in my life to find a new happiness. My ideal relationship goal is to have a respectful man to share companionship and meaningful conversations with. Although I am nervous to be heartbroken and may have to go through many potential relationships, I know this choice has to be made to make me a stronger woman.

I look forward to becoming the best woman I could be and potentially finding my happiness. ❤ Wish me luck!



    • I am the opposite of lost now. I finally decided to make some changes in my life and go after all that I want to accomplish. I am going to make my life a positive one by reaching all my goals.

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