Prove Them Wrong

The most powerful motivational words that are said to me are, “You CAN’T do it.”

As soon as these words are said, some type of switch turns on and my adrenaline is pumping. These words make me so angry that I usually respond, “Don’t believe in me? Just watch me succeed!” Many times these negative words haunt me, however I adjust them to become positive by making sure I PROVE THEM WRONG!

Most people could relate to that one person being so negative you wonder why you even bother talking to them. Sometimes these people could be your family members. In this particular situation, you are stuck with them and most likely do not have the best relationship with them because honestly, who wants to be around that person who is negative all the time and tries to drag you down. Those conversations are condescending and you just get to the point where you just walk away because there negativity is just not worth your time.

However, those words motivate you regardless. I have often found myself in this situation with a family member; and I have been so successful at proving them wrong that they have no choice but to talk about my success to other people to make them feel better about themselves.

My current situation is graduating with my master’s degree. I have long thought that this educational path was not right for me and often told myself I couldn’t do it. But I kept trying and trying, often taking it day by day. Believe me there have been so many failures with my experiments for my research project that I have been so discouraged with myself and wanted to just give up. However, the satisfaction that I had help from my peers to teach me the basics has shown me that you can’t do it alone all the time. Like many paths of life, there have been ups and downs, but I stayed motivated and I am slowly reaching the finish line. I am most proud of the fact that I proved myself wrong. I will be graduating this semester and couldn’t be happier that my educational journey is coming to an end. I can finally see myself starting the career I have long been studying for in the near future. This upcoming May 2015, I am celebrating the longest 8 years of my life with a trip to Europe. Eight years of college is one accomplishment I will forever be thankful for because no one could take away your education. I know it will all pay off because receiving my Master’s Degree has truly made me a stronger woman; and for that I am proud that I pushed myself to strive for my career each day.

There are always going to be new challenges, but stay positive and PROVE THEM WRONG! You will always look back at how you were tested to beat the odds of negativity. You will be satisfied in knowing that you overcame the obstacles set before you to make you a better person. Best of luck to all of you!


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