Chasing Dreams

For this week’s Wise Words Wednesday, I would like to focus on chasing your dreams.

I am sure we all have had that ONE dream that you need to fulfill in your life to feel as though you have accomplished something great. The obstacles that you had to go through to reach the perfect time to achieve your dream seems endless. It requires so much planning to make it the most perfect event. Maybe you have dreamt of it for days or even years!

The ONE and only dream that I need to complete before I die is to travel to Europe. I want to see the ancient ruins of Greece and Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and all the architecture from various countries that I have learned about for years.

I have wanted this dream since I was 15 years old. In fact, I still have the original backpacking article from Seventeen magazine that explained how to properly backpack through Europe. Here I am a decade later and much more mature and finally making my dreams come true.

I was devastated when I found out I could not study abroad in college due to all the science classes and labs I had to take to keep on a four year plan. I figured after graduation I would go, however I decided my senior year in college to pursue a Master’s degree.

Four years later, I am finishing up on my last semester! My research is complete and I am now writing my thesis. How do I put four years of research together in 100 pages? Of course I have to leave out all the failures and all of the tears I have cried when experiments went wrong. But finally writing this thesis has made me realize that I am just one step closer to reaching my dream. I have an ambition board in my room where I keep motivational quotes and in the middle a countdown of how many days are left for my trip to Europe. This is what keeps me productive. I need to finish this thesis writing and I need to graduate to attend this wonderful trip.

I am glad I waited the extra four years to make this dream happen. Not only did I save up money this entire time, I am more mature and ready to truly appreciate the world’s beauty.

I am glad the past four years was full of ups and downs. My hard work and education truly paid off! My ONE and only dream will come true come May 8th, 2015! I will be attending a tour group that will be traveling to 7 different countries for a 35 day period!

I encourage you all to chase your dreams. You may have to postpone it for a decade, but you will be thankful that you waited for the right and opportune moment.


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