Life is A Gift

For all of us the Holidays can be both a cheerful time and a stressful time. The Holidays may remind us of our daily struggles. You may get caught up in the financial woes of all the gifts you should purchase for your family members. But the Holidays is more than just presents. It is a time to be thankful for making it to the end of another year with your  family and friends. It is a time to acknowledge the importance of religion and having faith. Perhaps, this is the time of year where many of us wish our loved ones who have passed on could share another holiday season with the family. However, to stay positive, you need to focus on the good and loving memories of those who are looking down upon us and talk about them during your family time to bring smiles to your faces and to heal the ache in your hearts.

YESTERDAY is history. TOMORROW is a mystery. TODAY is as gift. That’s why it’s called the PRESENT. 

Create a beautiful history filled with warm memories and love; let tomorrow excite you with what has yet to come; and live each day to the fullest to enjoy the gift of life. Do not dwell on your sadness, but turn it into a new life lesson learned and explore what life has to give you. After all, life is an adventure.

This Christmas I will be reminiscing about my Grandma Susan. She has been in Heaven for 20 years. I recall one home-video where I was 5 and I was opening up my gifts on Christmas morning. Like any other child, I was excited to open so many gifts from Santa. Although I was excited for each gift received, I still did not have the ONE gift I have been waiting for! I almost gave up hope, but then my father said there was one more gift behind the tree. I crawled under the tree to see the gift was hidden so well that I would not have seen it otherwise.

I started to open the gift and caught a glimpse of the face I knew so well from the commercials that have been circling the TV all season long.  It was MR.BUCKET! My goodness, I shouted with joy and started to jump up and down. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was the toy I have asked Santa to get me when I went to Fortunoff. I couldn’t believe it, I received my one and only gift I wanted the most. I convinced myself that I was extra good that year. I screamed, “THANK YOU SANTA! Thank you so much! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!”  All my family members laughed at my euphoria. I than remember giving my Grandma a kiss on the cheek and saying Merry Christmas Grandma. It is this memory that brings a smile to my face every Christmas as I open my gifts.

As I get older, I realize how important it is to live a happy life. I thrive off of the good memories and lessons I have learned to keep me living a positive lifestyle. Life is a gift and I plan to make it an amazing one! I hope you do the same.  May you live each day with positive thoughts. Happy Holidays!


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