The Holiday Season

What is it about the holiday season that makes you feel warm and cozy? Is it the fact that you get to wear comfortable sweaters? Is it the holiday shopping and spreading joy to all those around you? Is it the Holiday Movies on ABC Family and on Lifetime? Or perhaps it is decorating the tree while listening to Christmas songs.

For me, the Holiday season is about love and keeping the beloved Christ in the word Christmas in my everyday thoughts and prayers. We often get caught up in the shopping that has to be done for our family and friends and we are often worried about checking off the to-do-lists in our heads, but if you just took a moment each day to pray and be thankful for all that you have…you would feel so much more appreciation for the Holidays.

December is often filled with Holiday parties with various groups of friends or co-workers. Although I tell myself to not over do it, I always over indulge in eating a delicious meal with these people and talk about their lives over the past year. Listening to stories while enjoying sweets from the desert table always leaves me with a smile before I rest my head on my pillow at night.

Even though I enjoy these parties, it is my annual trip to the city with my dear friend, Steve, to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree that truly puts me in the Holiday spirit. The train ride to the city is filled with the anticipation to maneuver through the crowd to take a great picture of the tree. However, when you have the moment to get up close and are arching your back to take that perfect shot, it was worth all the chaos. The beauty of the tree is outstanding! Strands of lights that shine brightly in different colors; and the Swarovski Star that glistens in the brisk air of winter in the city is all astonishing to me. Walking along the store front windows of Macy’s and on 5th avenue to see what the themes are this year makes me appreciate the artistic ability of those who set up the windows. I feel as though there is a special magic in the air when I travel to the city around the Holidays. The city transforms into a place that may still be chaotic, but has the time to slow down and enjoy the elegance of the Holiday season.

I hope you all have the time in your busy schedules to appreciate the Holiday season in what ever way you enjoy the most.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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