Iris: The Symbol of Hope

A creative mind is often inspired by an object. It was early this December 7, 2014 that I figured out how I can make a positive change in my life. I decided to write a blog on hope and love. I feel these are two words that fuel my everyday life and I want to share my thoughts with everyone in hope to inspire others.

Three months ago, I came across a photo on Instagram that had an acronym for Hope: Have Only Positive Expectations. It was this photo that made me truly think about how I wanted to live my life day to day. I wanted to live it in the most POSITIVE way possible. From that day forward, I promised to always stay positive because it will be my fuel to the oxygen that I breathe everyday.


For those around me who seem down, I pick them up and remind them of the positive things. I want them to share the positivity with the next person that needs it.

When designing this blog, I decided to choose beautiful photos that inspire me and to share the beauty that life has to offer. I wanted to choose a flower that represents hope. When searching for the perfect flower, I came upon the IRIS.

The flower symbolism associated with the iris is faith, wisdom, cherished friendship, hope, valor, and promise in loveThe blade-shaped foliage denotes the sorrows which ‘pierced her heart.’ The iris is the emblem of both France and Florence, Italy. The fleur-de-lis, one of the most well-known of all symbols, is derived from the shape of the iris flower. The fleur-de-lis is a symbol of the royal family in France and is the state flower of Tennessee.” [1]

“The word iris is Greek for ‘rainbow’. The iris flower meaning are faith, wisdom, peace of mind, friendship and hope. Purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments, yellow iris symbolizes passion, blue iris symbolizes hope and faith while white iris symbolizes purity. Irises may also express admiration and courage. Lastly, the Iris is the February birth flower.” [2]

Reading the symbolism of the Iris, I could not help but associate myself with many things. One of my favorite symbols is the fleur-de-lis; my favorite month is February because it is the shortest month with the most holidays; and I love that it stands for wisdom, faith, and hope. I also connected with the iris being a part of our eyes, it is the color of our eyes which allows us to see all things and represents the wisdom that we have experienced.  Therefore, with all this symbolism, I felt this blog was destined to be my positive change for not only me, but others that will be reading my posts.

I look forward to inspiring others and look for feedback.


1. LivingArtsOriginals. “Iris Flower Symbolism & the Meaning of Irises in the Language of Flowers”. Web. 6 December 2014.

2. GameFrog. “Iris Flower Facts, Information and Meaning.” Web. 6 December, 2014.


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